open lavs was borne out of a love for our queer family.

Too many times have we had to change plans because there’s no lavs in a pub, cinema, restaurant or cafe that caters towards non-binary people or those even just outside of the norms of binary gender expression.

It’s such a simple request that it seems unthinkable to have not happened yet: create open and obvious spaces for those who don’t fit the binary imaginings of gender or sex so that they can go to the loo in peace, without harassment. If those spaces don’t or can’t exist within a certain place, let’s push for gendered loos to shift towards being open lavs (pointedly gender-neutral) where this can be safely rolled out.

We shouldn’t be pushing our non-binary siblings into the shadows by denying them access to any loos when out and public, but rather opening doors and clearly signposting where our rainbow pound is welcomed and encouraged.


open lavs is still very much in beta mode, but we’ll have a full FAQ here very soon!